Allow us to introduce you to JooJoo Stores—an eCommerce platform showcasing   Kenyan fashion and beauty brands. We aim to allow quality, Kenyan made products to be easily accessible to all who desire them across the globe. We are constantly working on growing our local fashion and beauty community for future generations to come. 

JooJoo Stores' mission is to build an online marketplace for the worlds fashion and retail brands, we want to a create a platform where artisans benefit from an additional channel to showcase their talent, and millions of shoppers can have instant access to beautiful products.

We are using innovation, creative and technology to develop the local industry, elevating local producers. We want to put more Kenyan businesses on the map, every single day.

We would love to talk about onboarding your brand to our platform, if you believe you would be a great fit and could bring a uniquely wonderful offering to the platform please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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