Sanzhe Wellness

Sanzhe Wellness


      A Family-owned Holistic Hair care company, Sanzhe blossomed from her roots.

      An everlasting Tradition and Ayurvedic Practice, Hair oiling, and Care was an Integral part of our founding sister’s childhood. 

      A Note from our Sisters;

      “Our Beloved Mother suffered severe Hair loss due to her health condition. Upon her blessed recovery, we saw an industry flooded with Harmful and falsely promising products. Resorting to our childhood traditions, in a home kitchen creating natural blends, the house filled with love and the scent of the Kenyan Valleys’ Shores and Botanics. Hair care blends made with love that actually work!

      We are excited to bring Sanzhe to the world and give back to Mother Nature & her healing heart.” 

      Our Ingredients are Sustainably Sourced and are- Natural, Vegan,Organic, Cruelty Free, Safe for adults and the little ones and Made with Love.
      Suitable for all Hair Types, and All Hair Care needs, our blends elevate your hair care & self-care routines helping you achieve your desired hair goals!