Why It’s important to support your local brands

Why It’s important to support your local brands

They always say it’s not easy running your own company- they were not wrong.

Besides all the legalities and documents you need, the biggest challenge is always growing a customer base and convincing them why your product is better than one that comes from a bigger name brand outside your country.


Small business come with so many advantages, to name a few:
1) They create jobs like Urban Ranch, Ikwetta or Essenza do by creating employment for artisans and communities

2) They take time to hand source and hand select raw materials like Ocell Luxury or My Soul Tonic does

3) They fill a gap by offering unique products such as Tezyn Naturals or Slowli does

4) They do their research before putting to market a product like Kara Sidai and By Earth did before producing their skincare ranges

5) They help build an industry and cast a light on all the talent hidden away

Shopping local is a great way to have a hand in growing an industry and proving what Kenyan brands can truly do. It also shows local brands that you as the consumer have faith in their product which for most is not just a way to make a living but also a way to showcase their passion and talent.

Think about this way….all the big name brands you shop now all started this way once upon a time.

Have a hand in getting all your local brands there by shopping today!



Pooja Joshi

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