When I lived abroad- my favourite discovery was the ability to shop online with absolute ease!

When I discovered I could order my groceries, food, clothes, and shoes all from the comfort of my living room- my life was never the same again! Honestly sometimes leaving the house to go shopping is such a task.

Picture this- you have a long day at work, come home and sort out dinner and all the chores that need doing- 5 or 6 days a week. By the time the weekend rolls around you have socials to attend or are simply too tired from the long week to do anything!

When do you have time to shop and treat yourself or your loved ones to little gifts? Online shopping is honestly the best thing to come around since sliced bread!

Several brands under one roof- multiple choices- different price points- something for him and her... at the click of a button called ADD TO CART! It’s genius.

I know sometimes one can be apprehensive to shop online, I definitely was the first few times I did it, but when you shop from a reputable company that has clearly defined terms or service and shipping policies- it really does ease the tension.

I love JooJoo stores as a platform, and yes- I have shopped on it myself and honestly, it took me back to my time abroad when I would sit on my kitchen counter sipping my coffee and shopping for all these pretty things I wanted but were not under one roof!

Let’s face it we live in a digital world now and having a platform like JooJoo stores that curate some of my personal favourite brands is a lifesaver!


Pooja Joshi
Founder Ocell Luxury

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