The Team






Becky Omodho

Founder & C.E.O

Meet Becky Omodho, our founder and CEO at Joojoo Stores. She is passionate about fashion and ultimately Kenya which is how she had the idea to launch an online Kenyan fashion  marketplace where Kenyan brands and Kenyans at large can connect and grow the fashion community in Kenya. Becky is a graduate of Brunel University with a PHD in Immuno-Biology who loves to escape to Maasai Mara whenever she can get a holiday. 

If you're going for a meal with her you can trust her to order a juicy burger if you're dining at a restaurant and if it's a kibanda date then it'll be the Ndengu and chapo. Becky really makes the hustle look easy when you see her doing her thing, tirelessly in her heels! She's a focused, fierce and fabulous female who walks the walk and talks the talk. 



Pooja Joshi

Operations Manager

 Pooja is our charismatic operations manager who keeps the Joojoo Stores machine well oiled and running efficiently. She is a graduate of Portsmouth University with a BA in Fashion & Textile design. 

She came back to her place of birth (Nairobi, Kenya) after studies and has since then built up her experience in the Fashion industry with a focus on luxury fashion brands.

As founder of luxury fashion accessories  brand Ocell Luxury and having worked with top brands like Mille Collines and  Industrie Africa, Pooja  is committed to establishing the Kenyan Fashion scene and taking it to the world!

We all have our weaknesses and Pooja's  is chocolate cake and if you are looking to put a smile on her face then you'll need to get to know her favourite bakery.

When she isn't busy moving and shaking the Fashion world she can be found traveling to far fetched locations and painting in her spare time.



Mikhail Kuzi

Digital Marketing Manager

 Mikhail is in charge of all things brand and digital at JooJoo Stores. He is a graduate of USIU-Africa and has over 15 years experience working with brands within Kenya.


Mikhail has a  background in several disciplines including Photography, Music, Strategy and Marketing. He is dedicated to building home-grown brands up to the point where they are an easy match for International players. 

In his spare time Mikhail loves watching comedy shows and sailing whenever he gets the opportunity. 






Nicolle Kukubo


Nicolle is a graduate of Boma International Hospitality College, with a higher national diploma in Hotel Management. She enjoys freelance writing and poetry in all forms. Her love for travel will get her publishing a travel & culture magazine in the future and just a by the way, she prefers bush safaris to island trips. 

One thing Nicolle believes in, the world's diversity is created by the people in it. It's represented by the stories we tell through history, generational beliefs, continental culture, and lifestyle. 

Nicolle is always glad to tag along when anyone is up to trying new cuisines! 



Joy Omondi


Joy has a passion for providing impeccable customer support with a background in business management. 

Joy values the opportunity to learn from both people and books. Her life philosophy revolves around embracing each moment as it comes, choosing happiness and joy along the way. 

She is a firm believer in spreading kindness and recognizes the world's need for it. In her leisure time, she finds solace in music, which she enjoys immensely.