What’s in your Safari Bag?

What’s in your Safari Bag?

Let’s have a toast to all the Safari lovers and another toast to the ones that have found themselves on Safari with a suitcase full of wrong outfits. I know I can’t be the only one with a story to write home about so let’s clink our glasses, shall we?

Shopping and packing for a trip are not quite interesting activities but very important and necessary ones. We’ve all come across articles in travel magazines highlighting tips and checklists on how to pack and what to buy when you’re planning to hit the road for a vacation. The information provided is normally helpful but often times we forget there’s more to stuff in our travel bags than the regular essentials everybody knows about.


I was on a trip to the Maasai Mara sometime around October last year and the experience was one for the record books, to say the least. Although I did end up purchasing a lot of things which I previously thought I wouldn’t need on my trip. Looking back, ideally packing for a vacation should involve more than ticking boxes off a downloaded PDF checklist and here are a few tips I would love to share;

What activities I’m I planning to engage in while on vacae?
Travelling to a particular place is essentially our idea of a vacation, but rarely do we accommodate the thought of what activities will we indulge in while there before we check in to the location. Think about: would you love to go on a local craft market tour, do some snorkelling or even go on a little hike? With this in mind, you are able to identify your essentials ahead of the trip. A pair of boots would be handy for that hike, some natural body cream for after a snorkelling session or a luxury tote to store all your great finds at the local market. 

What’s the weather like over there?
You don’t want to end up in the Aberdares with only summer shorts and tank tops (like I once did because I travelled there during a dry season, but ignored the fact that it’s generally chilly around the ranges). Weather shouldn’t have to stop you from going on vacation but it is important to always remain prepared for a change in forecast. Calling in to inquire on the current weather could save you an uncomfortable experience, or you could decide to pack heavy and stay on the safer side.

Is there a dress code?
Many hotels and lodges enforce a dress code within common areas like the main dining room. This is often met with mixed reactions from travellers but in the end it is for the greater good. These dress codes always have a different structure depending on where you go; Some beach hotels allow you to eat lunch in your swimsuit but will not allow the same for dinner and others will require you to always wear a top when dining (no meals in your bikini only, sadly). Either way, it's best to do your research to see what is expected of you to avoid any embarrassing situations and always look your best.

I hope your next road trip is indeed a trip to remember!

That'll be all from me—have a happy week ahead!

Nicolle Kukubo

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  • Margaret

    A must read article. Well documented@Nic. At least now I know what to put in that travel bag. Really timely article. Thanks so much

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