Leave your ‘back acne’ behind

Leave your ‘back acne’ behind

Back Acne is a more common problem than people let on, it's usually a very kept secret since it’s easy to hide just by getting clothed. So, don’t be shy if this is an issue you have, you are definitely not alone.

Most back acne can be solved with simple natural remedies and a little self-control (if you’re an avid pimple popper like I am!)

So, let’s get to it


  1. Scrub your dead skin away

Exfoliation is a very important process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Try your best not to use too many chemicals in this process. Joojoo stores has a couple of natural options you can consider. And if you would like to kill two birds with one stone, the store also carries an exfoliating soap that works wonders.


  1. Shea Butter is your friend

Shea butter is a wonderful plant-derived moisturizing option, it doesn’t often cause any allergies as compared to commercial options, which can very easily clog the pores. Not only is it hydrating but it also helps with scarring that often comes with acne. Using a shea butter soap and moisturiser can allow your skin to breathe and heal. Greatest thing about it is, it comes pretty cheap! Check out the options on joojoostores.com


  1. Tea tree oil may just do the trick

 Firstly, we must mention that tea tree oil can cause allergies in some people, so please try it on a small area before using it on the rest of your body. Tea tree is essential in killing bacteria, that right, when we have acne we have bacteria that sit on our skin and block our pores which ultimately lead to more acne. Using tea tree oil will clear the skin of this bacteria promoting proper healing and preventing infection on the skin.


  1. Aloe to the rescue

Aloe vera can be used in many states. Primarily most people use an Aloe Vera gel as it is extremely soothing. It aids in wound healing and once again is extremely affordable.


Check out joojoostores.com to find these affordable options for your acne and let us know how it goes.


Dr. O

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