Everybody loves a great accessory, I know I do; my favourite being earrings. But a lot of us underestimate the importance of styling our outfits. The power of an accessory to take your outfit from day to night; from the office to cocktails, should not be underestimated. So here are a few rules I live by when accessorising.


Take something off before you step out

This is a real thing because a lot of us tend to overdo it. keep in mind less is more, so take something off. 


Create layers

I love to create layers especially with necklaces and rings. Playing around with different lengths of necklaces can automatically elevate a simple outfit. If you want to add an additional layer try playing around with multiple designs of necklaces to add an edge.


Don’t forget to change your earrings

Those of us who wear studs can easily forget to take them out and end up wearing the same pair all week. I tend to keep some earrings in my handbag and even in my car just in case I forget to change them.


Always accessorise to match your outfit

Always consider how you want to feel before adding anything to it. Accessories can easily change the direction of your outfit so always start with how you want to feel


Try not to follow trends

It's really easy to get carried away with trends, what's hot, what's not, however I always think that accessories really help define a person's individualistic style. Most times its more about what flatters you, what suits you and what makes you feel good. So try not to follow too many trends.


That’s all from me today.

Dr. O

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