With Inspiration Comes A Story

With Inspiration Comes A Story

Fashion as an industry has grown over the years, and different brands have been birthed in the process to offer alternatives or to fill gaps in the market. With new trends coming up every day, brand identification seems not to matter as much anymore, meaning less shared stories about how brands came up and the inspiration behind them.

Kenya being an African country, boasts of cultural diversity and rich history. Our artisans are inspired to curate brands with beautiful stories and visions that look to extend further from the business trade involved.

Joojoo Stores is invested in Kenyan brands, and the collaboration with our vendors goes beyond showcasing just products. We love to hear and tell stories of our brand owners from their inspiration to create and give back to build our community.

Here are a few of our brands that take pride in sharing stories through their art and promoting Kenyan culture and history:



Mimi, the Swahili word for me.

Pambo, the Swahili word for ornament.

Mimi Pambo is a Kenyan jewelry brand inspired to ensure the continuity of art in Africa, with a vision celebrate local and traditional artistry.  Mimi Pambo expresses the Kenyan identity through the Swahili language and products that are mostly named after Kenyan historical towns and rivers.



Bizzy Lizzy is a jewelry brand whose inspiration is drawn from the Maasai culture. Her jewelry consists of items made through beadwork with the Maasai colours; red, orange, white, blue, green and black - which all carry a meaning.

Her production process also includes mixing beadwork with recycled and sustainable materials like; glass, animal bones, eggshells and fabric.


By Her is a Kenyan ethical brand that produces bags made with Ankara prints and fabric. Her aim is to not only showcase the uniqueness of the African kraft through her products, but to also support the Kenyan community by volunteering 5% of her profits made annually to fight Female Genital Mutilation.



Wazawazi is a Kenyan luxury brand that celebrates and strives to bridge the gap between culture interaction in the modern-day Africa. The brand curates products made from animal skin, beadwork, leather, Ankara and woven fabrics. Wazawazi incorporates diversity and social inclusion, with the brand’s mission being to tell the African story for its beauty.


Be inspired to create and share because every story is worth a celebration. Just as our vendors, we at Joojoo take pride in sharing a little piece of Kenya.


Nicolle Kukubo.

2 Kommentare

  • Levin Nyonje

    Stories for change is an trade that has transcended generations across Africa. It forms the epicenter of trans-century crafts and traditions. Using art and fashion for that matter to tell stories, is something that speaks to the heart of one who finally owns that brand. JooJoo is reliving the African trade and this is a sustainable approach in preserving the richness of our art. Wonderful and inspiring article.

  • Margaret Amateshe

    A beautiful article that clearly describes the beautiful products at joojoo. I am particularly inspired by BY HER because of giving back to the community to fight FGM. I will sample some of your products for sure

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