My Soul Tonic

Founded in 2018, My Soul Tonic is an ethical and slow fashion brand and that's why our apparels are made in small batches creating less waste and a more unique design. We encourage artisanal entrepreneurship i.e. every purchase empowers individual artisans and supports local communities. We uplift local talented individuals and help them to raise their families and provide quality education to their kids. 

As a female owned brand, we believe fashion is a tool for change by empowering vulnerable women to become economically independent, and protect traditional, sustainable and ethical craftsmanship all at once. All our items are ethically made and provide job + opportunities for local artisans from the Kibera (one of the biggest slum in East Africa).

All our jewelry is made out of brass which is sustainable, mixed with upcycled bone which is collected from local farmers who would otherwise discard it. In Kenya, we view each part of an animal as sacred, and hence it's used in different aspects of our designs. No animal was ever harmed in the making of our jewelry.

 We use traditional techniques with contemporary designs to make our garments. One-of-a-kind apparels are made with the complex process of folding, tieing, dyeing, and unfolding several times to get the perfect blend of light and dark shades. Digitally printed using eco-friendly, water-based inks, our garment is a toxic-free and a conscious product.

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8 Produkte