Dry skin hacks for cold weather

Dry skin hacks for cold weather

As the air temperature drops, so do humidity levels, which zaps moisture from your skin cells. Wind and indoor heat easily deplete your protective barrier, making it harder for skin to stay hydrated and your risk for dryness, redness, and flakiness increases.

Most recommend petroleum jelly, commonly Vaseline as part of your daily skincare routine but we’ve got great natural and organic options for you.

Facial care

  1. Keyara Marula Oil
  2. Wild Earth Botanics Face and Body Mist- it has neroli, moringa and grapeseed oils to provide hydration to dry skin and helps to reduce dullness.
  3. Sereti Vitamin E Beauty Elixir- use as a daily face moisturiser.
  4. Wild Earth Botanics Hydrating Facial Oil- helps to soothe dry skin.


Body care

  1. Keyara Skincare Bundle- the perfect bundle, from facial to body care.
  2. Wild Earth Botanics Beard Oil For Men- contains clary sage, vitamin E& baobab oil to help keep beards conditioned, hydrated and shiny.
  3. Essenza Aloe Shower Gel- contains aloe to leave you with hydrated smooth skin retaining moisture throughout the day.
  4. Essenza Shea Butter- moisturises dry skin. Perfect for body, hands and hair.
  5. Essenza Aloe Lotion- the perfect blend with aloe and shea butter.



  1. Wild Earth Pure Grapeseed Oil
  2. Essenza Shea Butter- a light weight moisturiser to lock in hydration.


Baby care

  1. Keyara Baby Bundle
  2. Wild Earth Baby Balm


A few other remedies:

Keep skin covered when out in the cold.

Apply your moisturiser on wet skin, one minute after a shower, apply your moisturiser to lock in moisture.

Use rich creams for your skin such as the Sereti body butters that are whipped for that fluffy feel and contain shea butter, vitamin E, avocado oil, cocoa butter, Castor oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil for that maximum hydration.


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