Don’t ‘stretch’ your budget for stretch marks

Don’t ‘stretch’ your budget for stretch marks

A lot of us suffer from stretch marks, those unwanted marks that show up when we go through a growth spurt, add weight or grow another human being inside of us. Either way they are completely normal, they’re simple a sign of our skin stretching too fast.

It’s great to love our bodies but there’s no shame in bettering the way we feel by lightening those little marks that make us think twice about being in our bathing suits. Whether it be on our arms, stomach, legs or backside, there are ways to improve the appearance of stretch marks and JooJoo Stores has made it more affordable and natural, so don’t be fooled by all the expensive cosmetics you see online.

What are the main components to get those pesky makes to disappear? Let’s look at the best and most affordable solutions available on JooJoo Stores.

1. HEALING! Stretch marks are actually scars, so the damaged skin needs to heal in order for the marks to lighten.
  • Aloe has one of the most healing properties of plants to date.
    Try out these products:
  • Lavender oil creates collagen to form new cells and smells amazing
      2. HYDRATE! Scarring causes skin to drastically dry up and as a result stretch marks look much darker.
      • Coconut Oil, said to be the holy grail of battling stretch marks is perfect for hydration and it extremely easily absorbed.
      3. MOISTURIZE! To prevent any stretch marks occurring and maintain hydration you need to moisturize.

          So there you have it, the most affordable all natural solutions.

          Make this a routine by rubbing these ingredients on the affected area twice a day and hopefully see some results. Best thing about Joojoo stores is we deliver worldwide! So go ahead, you’re just a click away.

          Good Luck!


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